September 2018

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This Tugabox is special: Azores special box! Have a real taste of the gorgeous Portuguese islands, Azores, with this month’s box.

Tuna in olive oil Corretora
The Tuna in olive oil traditionally canned by hand, with the tuna flavor of the Azores, a real delight.
Sweet Potato Jam Azores Gourmet
It is a thick jam, with a yellowish color and the unmistakable flavor of sweet potato. One of our favorite products of the Azores!
Pepper ground bag
The Pepper, Pepper of the Earth, Red Pepper or Malagueta is used in the most varied Azorean dishes, it is part of the Azorean culture and is present in all the houses. It is the most typical spice of the Azores.
Its taste is slightly spicy.
Megasil homemade biscuit
Megasil is a food production cooperative of S. Miguel that brings us a variety of biscuits: we want to taste them all!
Green tea Gorreana Hysson
There could not be a box dedicated to the Azores without this flagship product (and brand).