October 2018

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Portuguese unique flavours: this is one of the most traditional Tugabox we’ve put together.

Black pork sausages
When we talk about sausages it is normal to think immediately of chorizo. But there are so many more! Every region of the country we visit has its sausages, today we share some from Alentejo.
Considered by many to be one of most delicious and charismatic sweet treats, Pintarolas were released by Imperial in the late 1970s. They brought unprecedented colour to sugar-coated milk chocolate beans in a fun tube. Who will you offer one of the tubes?
Coffee Nicola lot Rossio
A genuinely Portuguese coffee for those who like strong flavors.
Portuguese Codfish
The Portuguese Codfish in Olive Oil, Garlic and Hot Sauce offers, in addition to the excellent nutritional value of the codfish, the spicy touch that enhances all the flavours through a chilli pepper in each can. An easy, quick and healthy way to remember homemade flavours.
Portuguese Mustard in traditional package
What would be made of a nail without mustard?