October 2017

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In October, Autumn starts, but not these year in Portugal. Is seems just like Summer. Get to know October Tugabox content!


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Galão glass
“Galão vs meia de leite” is a subject that we discuss a lot. We don’t know which side you are on, but the emblematic glass that both scales your fingers and keeps the drink hot could not be forgotten.


Coriander seeds
The coriander is one of those herbs that a Portuguese must have all the time, at least for the clams to Bulhão Pato. As the fresh one is difficult to send, we propose you grow your own. Are you up for the challenge?


Dried pineapple
After the vote between 3 fruits on our facebook page, the pineapple won! This product from our islands, here in this dehydrated version.


Sweet Pepper and bay Aromatized Salt
Those who know Portuguese cuisine know that more than half of it starts with a refogado (mixture of chopped onions and garlic fried in cooking oil). And this salt transports you to some of those flavors.


Vanilla Wafers
The simplest cookies that exist, and yet, the ones that bring more memories. We recommend with tea or a galão 🙂


Olive Oil Biscuits
A genuinely Portuguese product, the olive oil, gives this biscuits an even more traditional flavor.