November 2017

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In November we remember some traditional flavors but also give a try to some new methods. Get to know November Tugabox content!


Dehydrated Tomatoes and Olives
The brand Um Grama promises dehydrated fruit and herbs blends in perfect combinations for colorful and delicious recipes. We found that tomato and olives rhyme with Portugal. Do you agree?


Beer crackers
When you fancy something crunchy and salty … we remembered these ones that we can’t stop eating.


Apple Biscuits With Cinnamon
Autumn comes and we only think of comforting flavors like apple pie. But if you’re in a hurry, how about these cookies and a tea?


Canned sardines
For a quick lunch, cans delight us. But these sardines without skin or bones in olive oil and tomato are good for any meal.

Gorila Bubble gum
Gorilla Bubble gum, in the market since 1968, continue to brighten many counters of cafes, taverns or mini markets. This month we chose the mint and banana flavors.


Bay leaves
No Portuguese cuisine is complete without bay leaves. This ones came directly from the producer!