May 2019

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The May Tugabox brings you…

White wine glass
A glass of white wine from the region of Setúbal, in an innovative packaging.
Tuna with black eyed beans
A tasty, nutritious and light dish, great for summer: just open and enjoy.
Cinnamon Margão
Cinnamon is one of the most beloved spices of the Portuguese. Cinnamon stick is used in both sweet rice and sangria.
Piripiri Gallo
Piri piri with Olive Oil Gallo is a spicy made with olive oil, ideal for all dishes from the most traditional to the most sophisticated.
Gallo Piri piri with olive oil will add an unmistakable extra flavor.
Regina Chocolates
One of Regina chocolates that is more remembered by the Portuguese, perhaps because the package is still the same.
Raisin Cookies
In a renewed package, the biscuits stuffed with raisins are ideal for snacks or a break.
Stainless steel scourer
Because some time ago someone said that could not find them abroad, here goes the grandmother's scrubs.