May 2017

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This month we celebrate breakfast! Discover all of the May’s Tugabox content.


A must-have in every Portuguese home. But did you know that it is produced in Portugal?


Lemon balm tea and Delta Instant coffee
We do not know if you are a tea or coffee person: we send both! Coffee improves the rate of oxygenation of the blood. Lemon balm is soothing, diuretic and expectorant. Which do you choose?


Prisca Jams
An essential at a breakfast table, we do not know what’s your favorite jam… 3 tastes very traditional at our table: pumpkin, tomato and strawberry.


Ucal Milk
“The” chocolate milk. Although it is now a product of Parmalat we had to include it in a box dedicated to breakfast.


Acorn Cookies
Because you might need something sweet. Special cookies. Rich in fiber and protein, acorn is also very rich in antioxidants.