March 2018

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In March we send a few favorites: pumpkin jam, the amazing almonds from As Carrapinhadas… Get to know this month’s Tugabox content!


Caramelized almonds
We are not apologists for colored almonds, but we can’t resist these traditional Portuguese caramelized almonds. When we open a Carrapinhadas package we only stop when it’s finished.


Salt flower
The flower of salt is different from sea salt, they are small crystals that form on the surface of the water. That is, they are the cream of salt. They must be collected with great care.


Pumpkin Jam with Spices
Alquimia dos Sabores makes jams with a different twist, but who does not like a pumpkin jam?


Handmade and cooked in a wood oven by Biscoitaria Valonguens, what differentiates them is the corn flour.


Infusion of lemon balm
Lemon balm is soothing, diuretic and expectorant. So it is a great choice for this cold weather. And this one from Portugal Blends is a great bet!


Postcard with recipe
Portugal has remarkable flavors and the memories of the country, whether of Portuguese people or passerby, will certainly be at the table. So that you can reproduce these flavors, we sometimes include a recipe.