Made in Portugal: Dr. Bayard cough drops

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In Portugal, autumn is the season with the most beautiful colors. This year it has come a little late but the warm tones of autumn have already settled in and with them also returned a number of good things to enjoy before the winter cold. It is the best time for walks and strolls, to absorb the aroma of wet land (which we miss)! And taste the divine roasted chestnuts.


But it is also the time when less good things return. Like coughing. And at the first signs of irritation in the throat or cough what do we do in Portugal? We eat candies. And most likely this candy is a Dr. Bayard cough drop that, we do not even know how, we have in the pocket / suitcase.


Although many Portuguese think they have a foreign origin (probably because of the name), Dr. Bayard’s cough drops are 100% made in Portugal:


At the time of World War II, Álvaro Matias, owner of a grocery store on Rua da Prata in Lisbon, had as client a French doctor exiled in Portugal. Dr. Bayard became a close friend of Alvaro who, in exchange for French lessons, showed the doctor, his wife and daughter, the charms of the of Lisbon city.


During his time in Lisbon, Dr. Bayard’s economic situation became complicated, but Alvaro, his friend, was a helping hand, providing help with food and other essential supplies that were scarce. With the end of the war, the doctor returned to France and thanked his friend giving him the recipe for “Bayard cough drops”, a case of success in France for cough relief and throat irritation.

It was in 1949 that Álvaro Matias started producing the Dr. Bayard cough drops based on the recipe offered by the French doctor and that until today has remained unchanged becoming a tradition in Portugal. Know the whole story here.

“The success of the cough drops with Dr. Bayard’s signature and original designs was almost immediate and quickly the production exceeded six kilos daily.”


The production of the cough drops began at home, with the help of the family holding the signature Dr. Bayard and the design of a person coughing as they appeared in the original recipe.

In 1969, the necessary production required the purchase of the first industrial machines and the Dr. Bayard Candy Factory, in Amadora, where the traditional cough drops are still produced, respecting the original recipe.

The quality of the Bayard candies remains unchanged today, as a result of the attention and dedication with which they continue to be produced.