June 2018

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June is the month of Popular Saints in Portugal. And this year with the World Cup we are predicting even more barbecues. If summer comes soon!


Canned Sardines
Big or small, there is no June without eating sardines. Here they go so that you don’t break tradition.


Piri Piri
Now that barbecue season is the open, transform your bifanas (pork steaks on bread, sauteed with garlic and spices) with this spicy sauce!


Speaking of snacks, some spicy peanuts for snacking while watching another football match on TV?


We don’t know your favorite flavor, so this package has with several flavors. Did you know that the origin of the name is in Scandinavia? There “suge” means to suck.


Tang Orange
Another emblematic product of childhood in Portugal in the 80’s. Some people say that it is not juice and only tastes like artificial powder. And you?


Lavender Soaps
They are one of the most traditional soaps in Portugal. Did your grandmothers also put these little soaps in the drawers of your clothes?


Cream Crackers
These crackers were the resource of those who had stomach problems or wanted to reduce fat. But in children we also stole them from the pantry, just because they were crunchy!


Super Bock – 90 years special edition
We do not want to get into the Sagres vs Super Bock war (the 2 major beer brands). But a special edition that celebrates 90 years is almost a collection piece and we could not pass up.