June 2019

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A Tugabox de junho traz…

Toasted cookies
The cookie that rivals Maria and said to be healthier!
Caramels Penha
Soft milk caramels that delight kids and adults.
Oregano Janota
For us summer is a sign of salads and there is no tomato salad without oregano.
This flagship product from Portugal that goes so well with snails and snacks!
Pumpkin Jam
This flavor as Portuguese and it is an excellent dessert to accompany soft cheese.
Sardines in olive oil
A typically Portuguese product, canned sardines in olive oil combine two fundamental foods
of the Mediterranean diet: sardines, an indispensable protein; and olive oil, the preferred source of fat.
Glass of sangria
Although the origin of sangria is undefined, more than a drink, sangria is a tradition of the southern Iberian Peninsula.
A glass to toast to the summer.