July 2019

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July Tugabox brings you…

In Portugal there is a great coffee culture and sometimes several brands appear on the market.
"PICAS" (garfish) in olive oil and Piri-Piri
Garfish... one can eat it? Give it a try ;)
Boca Doce Pudding
There are people who always keep in the pantry, to relive memories of childhood days.
Tang is a fruit flavored soft drink, sold in small packages made of aluminum foil.
And that was used on some NASA flights.
Nobre Sausages
It was in a butcher shop in Rio Maior that it all began. And it is in this city that business is still done.
Nobre was created by Marcolino Pereira Nobre in 1918 and these cans bring memories to all Portuguese.
We don’t know your favorite flavor, so this package has with several flavors.
Did you know that the origin of the name is in Scandinavia? There “suge” means to suck.