January 2019

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The January Tugabox brings you…

Dehydrated fruit: apple mix
To start the year with something healthy.
Good dehydrated fruit. Green and red apple, so you can choose your favorite.
Pumpkin jam
A very traditional Portuguese sweet.
Just pair it with cottage cheese to have a delicious dessert.
Cheese Crackers with Rosemary
Is it sweet? Is it salty? Give them a go and tell us what you think.
They say that it goes perfectly with a good glass of wine.
Milk cakes
For those who don't leave without something sweet, these small cakes, in some areas of Portugal called 'charniqueiros', do the delights.
When you bake them, do not forget to share your photos with us.
Petinga in Olive Oil and Spicy Tomato
"The woman and the sardine, should be small." At least according to popular wisdom.
In Luças, the ingredients are always Portuguese and the manufacturing is national.