January 2018

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In January we went back to more traditional Portuguese flavors and a lot of them sweet. Get to know January Tugabox content!


Cream biscuits from the Azores
If you speak with a Portuguese about milk, you’ll end up talking about Azores. And it is precisely from this region that these tasty biscuits with cream come from.
Penha Fruit Caramels
With a new image, but the same flavor, the Penha fruit caramels continue to delight the Portuguese. In the flavors pineapple, orange, lemon, blueberry, strawberry and peach.
Honey and Pollen
Produced by bees, these products are very healthy and ideal for this time of year because of their effect on the immune system.
Historic notepad A5
Founded in 1951 by three brothers, FIRMO is one of the best known names in the national stationery. I remember that during my childhood, in one of the drawers of my grandmother’s living room there was one of this notepads in case someone had to take a quick note.
Postcard with recipe
Portugal has remarkable flavors and the memories of the country, whether of Portuguese or of those who pass by, will certainly be at the table. So that you can reproduce these flavors, we will include in a recipe.
Alfa biscuits
They may not know the name, but the Portuguese recognize the biscuits’ form. Made with honey and cereals, these cookies are in the imagination of the Portuguese.