February 2018

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In February we went heavy on the traditional Portuguese flavors: cheese, jams, coffee… Get to know January Tugabox content!


Cheese from Évora
Évora cheese is part of Alentejo’s oldest cheese tradition, helping to expand the consumption of sheep’s milk, widely produced in the region. It had great importance in daily food, especially in the poorer classes, whose wages were paid in cheeses and other foodstuffs.


Penha Fruit Caramels
With a new image, but the same flavor, the Penha fruit caramels continue to delight the Portuguese. In the flavors pineapple, orange, lemon, blueberry, strawberry and peach.


Rocha Pear Jams
All the Portuguese know the Pera Rocha (literally rock pear), but few know that its originally from Sintra.
Around 1830, a different pear tree was found in the municipality of Sintra, in the property of Pedro António Rocha, with fruits of unusual quality, whose denomination of origin is currently “Pera Rocha do Oeste”, a Portuguese variety concentrated in the West region, on the seafront from Sintra to Leiria.


Sour cherry jam
More than cherry, this is a summer fruit that Portugal consumes all year. Just think of the famous ginjinha. This month in jam form: the bitter of the cherries makes a wonderful jam.


Coffee Lot Bocage
The origin of the Nicola coffees goes back to 1779, to one of the most emblematic establishments of Lisbon: The Café Nicola Restaurant. The meeting place for writers and politicians, including the poet Bocage, had from the beginning his own batch of coffee, from Brazil and Sao Tome and Principe and marketed under the name Nicola.


They are the best foundation for any Portuguese flavor, whether sweet or savory. Or if you will just eat it plain.