December 2018

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The December Tugabox brings you…

Culinary Chocolate 
With this cold weather you fancy something warm, squares of chocolate, milk and a dash of cinnamon.
The result? A hot chocolate that warms the soul.
Sparkling Water Água das Pedras
Because December is time for excesses, nothing like the traditional sparkling water to relieve the most distressed.
Mint BIO
To help with digestion, we recommend tea after a meal. This herb is known for its digestive properties: we hope it helps!
Bolo rei
In the blink of an eye is the day of Kings. Besides the postcard with the recipe, the fruits that will help you with a typical recipe of this time of year.
Dr. Bayard Candy
Maybe you never thought about it, but they're very Portuguese: you can find the factory in Amadora.
It was born in 1949, but its history begins 10 years earlier when Lisbon became a refuge for Europe's refugees at war.
This is how Álvaro Matias, a young man who worked in a grocery store in downtown Lisbon met a Frenchman (Dr. Bayard).
A friendship was born: Álvaro learned French and helped the Frenchman in what he could. When he left Lisbon, he left Álvaro with his recipe for pectoral sweets.
We want your new year´s eve to have everything you should. Sultanas? This is not tradition as it should be, in this Tugabox the original raisins.