April 2019

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This Tugabox brings you…

These are the almonds no one says they like, but when there is a package nearby it ends up empty!
Caramelized almonds
We can't resist these traditional Portuguese caramelized almonds.
When we open a Carrapinhadas package we only stop when it's finished.
Pencil Tugabox
Directly from the Viarco Factory. Viarco remains the only Pencil Factory in Portugal and probably one of the most versatile at a global level.
For some there ir nothing better than this sweet so characteristic of Caldas da Rainha to accompany a tea.
For others, the Cavacas themselves are enough. And you? What's your perfect time to devour this?
Bilros soap
On the coast, while fishermen were throwing their nets out at sea, the women waited for them back home, patiently stitching Bilros lace, which inspired this range of products.
The warm, sweet and comforting aroma of almonds is a reminder of the warm embrace of those whose return we await.