April 2018

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In April we send the box that a subscriber called “the best Tugabox ever”. Just read on and get to know the content of the box.


Picos are savoury biscuits which Biscoitaria Valonguense bake with all the traditional methods. And they go well with everything.


Marmelada (Quinces jam)
Marmelada in a bowl just like Portuguese grandmothers do! How many family histories can one count on just one bowl of marmalada?


Dried mushrooms
Many people don’t know, but there are over 3000 species of mushrooms registered in Portugal, most of them more visible in autumn. And it is quite common for the knowledge the mushroom picking to pass from generation to generation.


Condiment plant
Portuguese cuisine is made not only of spices and fresh produce, but also many plants fresh or dried.


Flavored vinegar
One of the essential seasonings of Portugal, whether for salads or the finishing touch in cabidela dishes, there is no Portuguese house without vinegar.