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Ana Leitão wondered in Alentejo when she realized she could give the acorns lying on the ground a new life. Alandia, jams, was born!

Name: Ana Leitão
Brand: Alandia – Recheios
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From Alentejo to the world, acorn has a new life! It comes as a form of filling for innovative or traditional desserts.


How did you come up with the idea/project?
The idea was born when we took a ride on the mount, we realized the amount of acorn that was lying on the ground. We collect some and develop the products. We found the taste and the texture delicious, and decided to give a new life to all that fruit.


And the name?
“Alandia”, “lande” or “bolota” all have the name meaning in Portuguese (acorn), so we picked Alandia.


What differentiates the project?  
The idea of the fillings came from an experience in which we made a super simple and traditional cake and stuffed it with the acorn. The result was fantastic and super tasty! Given the modern dietary changes and starting from our own diet we decided that this project would not use products of animal origin. We can thus make known new and equally tasty simple recipes, practical and fun!


What are the best moments / stories you’ve ever had because of Alandia?
When we started this project we started learning about the ecosystem of the Alentejo region, providing wonderful learning. The best moments are those when we can go to the countryside, enjoy all nature in its purest state.


What is your favorite place in Portugal? 


What is your favorite Portuguese food?
Boleima (traditional Alentejano sort of cake)


If you could choose products to include in Tugabox to send to a friend, what would they be?

It’s a hard choice!
It would include recipes and their ingredients (non-perishable) to be able to cook at home. I love the idea of doing it at home, and tasting it all over the world. In this case, a little of all the regions of Portugal.

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