A Portuguese in Milan

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Sofia moved to Milan to study and work and is working as a Franchising Manager in an Italian clothing brand. Get to know her story.


Name:  Sofia Silva

Where were you born? S. João da Madeira

What is your favourite place in Portugal? The most beautiful place in Portugal for me is the Azores 😊 But as you can not go often, let’s say Porto is my city of choice

What is your favourite Portuguese food? Cod with baked potatoes prepared by my parents.

How many countries have you lived in? 3

Which ones? Portugal, Switzerland e Italy

Which one have you liked the most? Portugal ALWAYS 😊 home is where your family is

My husband often says that I am a German in the body of a Portuguese woman. It must be because I love punctuality and organization. But obviously I have all the other characteristics of a Mediterranean person. I love having fun with friends, traveling, yoga, and cats.


In what country and city are you living now?

Milan, Italy


What do you do?

Franchising Manager in an Italian clothing brand


How long have you been living in Milan and how long do you plan on staying?

I move to Portugal tomorrow if I get a job in my training area.


Why did you move to Milan?

To take a master’s degree in Fashion, Design and Experience Management.


How has the transition been?

When you have friends and you come to study, it’s the best thing in the world. When you come alone, to work and you have to deal with all adversities is not easy. You do not have anyone to help you in small things that in Portugal you have your parents to support.


What has been the toughest thing so far?

I cannot identify a difficult experience. It is difficult to deal with bureaucracy alone here. If I did not have an Italian family, it would not be easy.


What are the best things to do where you live?

Milan is in the center of Europe and you easily go to any European city. If you stay in Milano I love shopping in the center (there are all the top shops!), Exhibitions at the Novecento museum, photo exhibitions at Corso Como 10, aperitif at naviglio, a good stroll or run at the parco sempione … What to do here.


How does the cost of living in Milan compare to the costs of living in Portugal?

Much higher, Milan is a city full of tourists with high purchasing power, consequently everything is very expensive, especially in the center.


What is your favourite thing about Milan?

Going out for dinner with friends, Milan is a super alive city and always with new sites.


And your least favourite?

Pollution, absence of wind (in summer is super stuffy) and no sea.


What five tips would you give people who are thinking of moving to Milan?

Learn the language, diet before arriving ihihihih, buy a bike or vespa, save money obviously, and forget about punctuality!


What products would you choose if you were to send a Tugabox to a friend?

Bolacha Maria, codfish, Portuguese sardines, a basil and a cock of Barcelos. Oh and cerelac!